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Furr High School


The three-story, 190,00 square foot, Ebbert L Furr High School currently serves approximately 1500 student. In its bid for, and achievement of, LEED for Schools Certified status Furr High School accomplished several notable sustainability milestones. To begin, the school championed open space with over 855,000 square feet for open, vegetated space. The capture of over 90 percent of the annual rainfall enabled, among other things, a reduction of 43 percent for landscape irrigation. The project was also able to achieve a 40 percent reduction in potable water use. The building as a whole was constructed out of approximately 20 percent materials manufacture or extracted from within 500 miles and 23 percent from recycled materials. This project also excelled in keeping construction waste out of landfills, achieving 95 percent diversion. Finally, Furr High School chose to share school-owned areas (auditorium, gym, playing fields, and parking) the surrounding communities.

Project Numbers

183,000 SF

Certified LEED Certified



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