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Green Bank Headquarters


<p><span style="font-family:serif;">Well-known for sustainability, Green Bank created its headquarters in Houston, Texas, as a reflection of the company&rsquo;s commitment to integrating environmental, economical, and social responsibility. Green Bank is instituting policies that preserve resources and create less waste and they reward customers who employ similar practices. The project&rsquo;s design offers daylight and views balanced with good acoustics--as the site faces a freeway. Additional green building strategies include purchase of 100% green power, over 30% water savings, zero use of potable water for irrigation, and more than 85% of construction waste was diverted or recycled. These features culminated in the project&rsquo;s achievement of a LEED-Gold certification. ​</span></p>

Project Numbers

19,750 SF

Certified LEED+NC Gold



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