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Schwab Austin Campus


The Schwab Campus in Austin Texas recently received LEED Gold Certification. Located in the heart of Texas, and thus the center of GreeNexus’ primary sphere of influence, this project is exemplary of the sustainable gains that can be achieved when owners, contractors, and consultants work together to further a triple bottom line approach. The campus included two buildings, the first a five-story office tower of around 190,000 square feet, the second a three-story office tower of approximately 78,000 square feet. Both buildings were certified used LEED 2009 for New Construction. The campus, as a whole, was able to achieve notable gains in three distinct areas of sustainable design and construction. First, the campus was able to achieve an average of 40 percent reduction in potable water use, between the two buildings. Second, the average energy cost savings achieved by the campus was 20 percent. Lastly, over 20 percent of the material used in the construction of both buildings was locally sourced. These three benchmarks are only a few of the plethora of sustainable achievements pursued and enacted for this project. Additionally, the Schwab campus was awarded a one-star certification from the AEGB (Austin Energy Green Building Program). As a result, GreeNexus has further cemented the close working relationship with AEGB and was named as a trusted provided.

Project Numbers

251,000 SF

Certified LEED Gold



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