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Tarrant County Southwest


The Tarrant County Diane Philips Bagsby project, located in Fort Worth, Texas, received LEED Gold Certification. While almost 60 percent of the total area of this project was classified as ‘open and vegetative’ space, its sustainable accomplishments don’t stop there. This [Insert project type here] achieved an almost 22 percent reduction in potable water use, a 58 percent reduction in landscaping water use, and a 40 percent reduction in energy cost. Other major sustainable accomplishments achieved by the project include a 67 percent diversion of construction-related waste, and the use of recycled content and regionally located materials at approximately 20 percent individually. Last, but definitely not least, the Tarrant County Diane Philips Bagsby project is currently running on 100% Green Power!

Project Numbers

50,944 SF

Certified LEED Gold



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