Inspired by the opportunity for innovation in environmental and human health, Lauren brings expertise in sustainability and occupant wellness to the project team. She has proven success delivering sustainable design solutions for a wide range of building typologies and has educated the community and building professionals on sustainability and building materials. Notable mentions include:

  • Creative and technical experience in sustainability and wellness design strategies

  • Expertise in LEED construction administration

  • Technical skills in daylighting and climate analysis

  • Emphasis in communication and collaboration to achieve design goals

  • Experience across LEED, WELL and Passivhaus

Lauren has recently joined the GreeNexus team in Austin and started her professional experience in sustainability working with her local community to educate and improve on residential energy consumption. She has since worked as a sustainable design consultant in Sydney and New York City, with an emphasis in LEED and WELL. Lauren is an effective communicator across disciplines and cultures and provides clear direction to her project teams. 

Lauren has experience working with a number of project types, including higher education, health and medical facilities, retail and commercial offices. Her approach is holistic and emphasizes collaboration and communication across team members to achieve the project’s maximum potential.

Lauren’s interest in the interconnectedness of sustainability and human health has led her to find expertise in building materials, daylighting and ventilation. She has consulted on over 40 green building projects to date and has educated architects and contractors on materials selection and Passivhaus strategies. 


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