As a Project Consultant for GreeNexus, Joanna brings a wealth of job knowledge and "Green" program experience.


As both a LEED AP and a Licensed Architect in both Washington state and Ohio, Joanna has experience on projects ranging from schools and universities to office buildings and business campuses. She also has experience, from prior projects, regarding government buildings, data centers, designed green spaces and parks.

In addition to LEED experience, Joanna is also a BREEAM AP and a LFA + Fitwel Ambassador. Finally, Joanna is an Esidama Pearl Qualified Professional, as of 2011. With this diverse certification experience, she is able to assist clients in not only fulfilling a ‘green’ certification program, but more importantly, choosing the most appropriate program for each individual project depending on project requirements and client goals. 

Moreover, Joanna’s other responsibilities include writing and implementing green building certification work plans and coordinating the work of multiple disciplines to reach project goals. She also serves as a LEED online Project administrator, is qualified to perform LEED calculations for site, water, materials, and IAQ credits, and has the capacity to produce the necessary LEED documentation. Finally, Joanna can write green building certification specifications, respond to RFPs regarding sustainable design, and develop and Owner’s Project Requirements and Basis of Design.

Joanna is also involved in a variety of leadership roles within the building industry. She serves as a compliance officer for the American Institute of Architecture’s 2030 Challenge. She teaches LEED AP Exam preparatory classes at Texas Tech University. Finally, Joanna is a member of the AIA Committee of the Environment (COTE) and was Chair of COTE Gulf Coast Green in 2015. Joanna currently resides in Banbridge, Washington.

Current projects

  • Pen Air Federal Credit Union

  • DFW Terminal F

  • The Monarch School


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