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Happy Holidays!

For the GreeNexus team, like so many others, 2020 proved to be a year of growth, evolution, and change. In March, preceding the first lockdown, GreeNexus took the entire staff virtual. With a significant portion of the team already working remotely, from the Upper Northwest to Mumbai, India, the move to remote working was smooth. Client communication and project excellence was maintained throughout this transition and the team settled into new office environments. Some much needed time communing with nature and several fluffy office assistants helped balance out the craziness.

In the middle of this adventure, the GreeNexus family added two more sustainability super-heroes to our roster. We are so fortunate to have had Lauren Harris join the team in June and Tim Murray come aboard in July.

This year also saw GreeNexus' CEO and Principal, Amanda Tullos, present at the first-ever virtual Gulf Coast Green on the necessity to look beyond technology and our current patterns of thinking for real sustainable actions.

Even with all of the changes and upheaval, 2020 was a big year for GreeNexus on the project front. We certified four new HISD (Houston Independent School District) schools under the LEED rating system. This brings our total of HISD schools we have certified under LEED to a whopping eight! This year also saw the completion of GreeNexus' first project under the new LEED v4.

This year we also certified our tenth new-construction project on the TCU campus. We are so excited to continue developing our relationship with Texas Christian University. Our largest project this year was the HP campus outside of Houston, Texas. The project was a massive 378,000 square feet and received a LEED Silver certification.

With the certification of the HP campus, GreeNexus reaches an impressive milestone. We have certified exactly 100 LEED projects!

Wrapping up this year GreeNexus sent out both holiday cards and some holiday gifts to clients and team members. The theme for us this year was reusability. Our cards, which featured the staff's work from home offices (some photos included here too) were printed on recycled paper. Additionally, Shyla Tullos prepared Christmas tree ornaments made out of old, out-of-date business cards from the office, which were mailed out as well. For the staff, special gift baskets were delivered. Each package included a reusable mason jar coffee mug, reusable plastic bags, and a reusable cloth wrapping called a Furoshiki.

But here at GreeNexus, we are most excited about moving into the new year. 2021 is a big year for us, as we are celebrating our ten year anniversary in April. In addition to celebrating the completion of our 100th LEED-certified project, 10 of which achieved platinum certification, all of these projects combined equal a total of 10 million square feet certified by the GreeNexus team! Over the next year, we will be expanding on these tremendous accomplishments in newsletters, like this one, and on our social media accounts. So, make sure you are following us on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with our exciting announcements and anniversary events.

Lastly, from everyone at GreeNexus we hope you have a Happy New Year!

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