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The Meaning of "GreeNexus"

Throughout history, the color green has always been symbolic of life, vitality, growth, and nature. Notably, most plants contain chlorophyll, which reflects the green portion of the visible light spectrum into our eyes. However, the word ‘green’ has recently garnered more varied connotations beyond the color classification.

But "green" isn't just an adjective anymore, "green" is also a verb. To "green" something isn't an alteration of its color, but a restoration of its vitality, an improvement for the environment. It is this that we at GreeNexus seek to do--create a built environment that works in tandem with the world around it. We strive for a built environment that is restorative and allows space for both the people using it and the natural life surrounding it.

So, that explains half of our moniker, but what about Nexus? The word itself is rather unusual. Most commonly, it is used to describe a confluence of connections. Connections between ideas, people, places, and events, to mention just a few. At its core, that's what GreeNexus is all about: connecting the built environment to the natural one in a way that's better for everything and everyone. It's about fostering healthy communication and interaction between the world and ourselves.

Here at GreeNexus we seek to live up to the name we have chosen for ourselves. We aim to encourage and support others as they take step along their own path to make ‘green’ changes within the nexus of their own lives and businesses.

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