The story of GreeNexus Consulting, LLC begins with one woman, a mission, and a home office. In 2011, having been presented the opportunity to take on clients needing a sustainability and ‘green’ building consultation, Amanda Tullos decided to branch out and start her own firm. She named this new company GreeNexus, using the name as both an external indicator and internal reminder of her mission to remove the barriers that surround implementing triple bottom line thinking (environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic value) into the built environment. 

With a few clients and one employee, herself, Amanda set forth determined to not only provided sustainability services to the plethora of stakeholders within the building industry, but to educate and inform. 

As time progressed, she found like-minded individuals to join her team. What started with just Amanda, has grown; now GreeNexus is home to 12 individuals dedicated to sustainability, who work from across the United States and the globe. Outgrowing her small home office in 2019, Amanda relocated to a new office at 7322 Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas which allows for a focus on flexible workstations and biomimicry. Additionally, at the end on 2019, a second physical office was opened in Austin, Texas. 


10 Year Celebration Events

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GreeNexus just received our JUST certification.

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