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Leadership in Energy and Environment Design
(LEED) Certification


LEED certified buildings are a sound investment. Not only do they promote positive environmental change, they increase profitability  and promote optimal human health, thereby maximizing your triple bottom line. With more than 79 LEED certifications, including 10 LEED Platinum certifications, we are confident in our ability to assist you in achieving your LEED goals whether you choose to pursue LEED certification or simply want to build "green." We offer a tailored approach that ranges from basic sustainability coaching to a full service LEED documentation experience. For more about LEED certification contact us or visit the USGBC website.


FITWEL Certification

Operated by the Center for Active Design (CfAD) and partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Fitwel building standard provides building owners and developers with a design and operating framework that encourages optimal human health. As a Fitwel Ambassador, GreeNexus is well positioned to help your building target Fitwel strategies and optimize your greatest building resource: its occupants. Whether your project is seeking Fitwel Certification, or you would like to become a Fitwel Champion, GreeNexus is here to guide your efforts. For more information on Fitwel contact us or click here.


2015 City of Dallas Green Ordinance


The City of Dallas requires green building standards for all new commercial and residential construction. As a Registered Green Building Third Party Provider, GreeNexus can review plans and drawings and assist you with checklist completion, and we are also skilled with on-site review. After you successfully prove City of Dallas code compliance, GreeNexus will issue you the necessary Plan Review Compliance Affidavit fulfilling your needs within the City of Dallas. To learn more about the City of Dallas Green Ordinance, contact us or visit the City of Dallas' website.

Commissioning Services


Our commissioning professionals perform all commonly recognized design, construction, and post-occupancy phase commissioning activities including:

  • developing commissioning plans and specifications;

  • development and review of Owner’s Project Requirements and Engineer’s Basis of Design Documentation;

  • design submittal, control logic, and integration reviews;

  • review of equipment and control submittals;

  • maintenance of issues logs; performance and management of reports for site observations;

  • writing, performing, and witnessing functional performance tests and system readiness and installation verification plans;

  • development of final commissioning reports and systems manuals;

  • and assistance with uploading supporting documents to LEED templates. 

We at GreeNexus are well prepared to help ensure your building functions as it should. For more information about commissioning check out our blog post or contact us.

The Living Building Challenge


The Living Building Challenge is the most rigorous performance standard for buildings. A Living Building is a building that "gives more than it takes." There are several Living Building certification paths that GreeNexus can assist you with including: Petal Certification, Net Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, or even Living Building Certification. As consultants for the first building in Texas to be registered under the Living Building Challenge, GreeNexus is well prepared to guide you when you accept the Challenge. To learn more about the Living Building Challenge, click here.


BREEAM Certification

BREEAM is a widely recognized international third party sustainability certification that seeks to increase building value while decreasing environmental impact. From master planning new communities to the refurbishment of existing buildings, BREEAM has a standard to fit your needs. With a BREEAM Advisory Professional on staff, GreeNexus is available to help you achieve the certification that best meets your needs. For more information about BREEAM, please click here or contact us.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling, also known as building performance simulation, allows building owners to analyze their buildings before they are constructed without incurring a great deal of cost. GreeNexus provides performance based simulations that allow design teams, building owners, and certification agencies to accurately understand the predicted energy use of a building. By providing early energy model results, GreeNexus can help you leverage the design process to achieve your desired level of energy savings. Some of our specific building simulation services include compliance modeling for various codes and certification agencies along with daylight simulation. For more information, please contact us.

The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES)


The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) seeks to align land development with preservation of ecosystem services. Through thoughtful development, current ecosystems can be protected and even restored. SITES Certification recognizes high performance, ecologically restorative landscapes with or without buildings. With our SITES Accredited Professionals (SITES AP), we can help you achieve your site goals. Whether you choose to pursue SITES certification or simply want to add value to your property, GreeNexus can assist through coaching, design assistance, and SITES strategy development. More information on the Sustainable Sites Initiative can be found here.

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB)


The City of Austin has some of the most aggressive sustainability goals in the nation. In fact, they developed the nation's first green rating system known as Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) in 1990. In many cases, development within the City of Austin requires an AEGB rating. Whether you are seeking to meet your basic one or two star requirements, or want to build out to meet five stars, GreeNexus can help. We offer AEGB services that range from basic AEGB coordination, to documentation or acting as a liaison with the AEGB program. GreeNexus is here to simplify your AEGB experience. For more about AEBG please contact us or visit the AEGB website.

Life Cycle Analysis


As sustainability efforts in the built environment continue to grow, more comprehensive metrics are needed to fully engage and understand a building's impact from cradle to grave. GreeNexus provides this tool in a process known as whole building Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). By understanding impact, measures can be taken to reduce said impacts and increase sustainability in design. As a new credit in LEED v4, one option in Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction seeks to reduce environmental impacts by a minimum of 10% through the use of LCA. GreeNexus is ready to take your project to the next level. For more information, contact us.

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