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Commercial Interiors

Whole Foods Market - South Loop Store


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors (2008)

Located in an urban context on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, this project is a 55,000 square-foot, natural foods store custom designed to convey an overall sense of openness. The design process, materials, energy, lighting design, water and food-service equipment were all reviewed to optimize performance. Small signs throughout the store identify the features that are deeply tied to Whole Foods' mission. The store was part of the national Greenbuild 2008 Conference tour, with Amanda Tullos as the guide. The South Loop store was also the 2008 ISP/VM+SD Store Design Winner.

2000 St. James

Gold – LEED for Commercial Interiors v3 (2013)

Serving 1,350 employees, this project fit-out a 337,000 square-foot, 12-story LEED-EBOM certified shell space for an international energy company’s Houston office. The space features amenities that promote physical and emotional well-being such as a fitness center, a cafeteria focused on healthy foods with support from professional nutritionists, prayer rooms, and an on-site day care center.


BNY Mellon Wealth Management


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors (2017)

BNY Mellon is a highly ranked global investment firm that helps clients to manage financial assets.  This 5,000 square-foot project in Houston, Texas enlisted GreeNexus as LEED project administrators to pursue its goal of advanced resource management.  In addition to financial asset management, BNY Mellon promotes environmental asset management through LEED certification.  This project successfully reduced water use by 42% and implemented 100% daylight responsive controls.


HP Inc., Houston Office


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors (2020)

The HP Inc. Houston Office was awarded LEED Gold certification. The office building was certified under the LEED V4 ID+C for Commercial Interiors. Notable sustainability achievements include and average of ~30 percent indoor water use reduction between both buildings; and 100 percent of total energy consumption being offset. 


The HP Inc. Houston Office was additionally awarded LEED innovation credit for its inspired integration of WELL strategies into the Project. With a focus os Human delight, meaningful integration of public art, and the celebration of culture, spirit, and place, the project aimed to and achieved a focus on advanced human health and wellness. The project did this by integrating outdoor elements into indoor spaces through the inclusion of moss panels and nature-proxy ceiling and floor coverings. Common areas utilized a sunrise/sunset color scheme as another example of natural integration. 

Ziegler Cooper Corporate Offices


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors v3 (2013)


Determined to make its new office a sustainable space from project inception, Ziegler Cooper Architects created its 25,000­-square-foot tenant build-out in Houston, Texas’ LEED-EB certified 700 Louisiana Building. GreeNexus provided LEED consulting and LEED project management and documentation. Set in the heart of downtown, the vibrant space offers employees extensive daylight and views marked by beautiful cathedral-like shapes that accentuate daylight colors and provide visual interest through changing seasons. In the team work area, new furnishings contribute to a sense of open collaboration in this low-VOC-emitting environment. Smart daylighting strategies reduce energy loads by 32% and efficient appliances further contribute to energy savings.

Pattern Energy


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors (2017)

Pattern is an independent energy company that focuses on renewable energy sources and advanced energy technologies such as wind and solar power.  This 30,274 square-foot project located in Houston, Texas was sought to after to align with Pattern's company sustainability mission through LEED certification. LEED highlights included a reduction of almost 45% in connected lighting power appliances with 95% of appliances rated as Energy Star.


BASF Corporation


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors (2018)

This 109,578 square-foot petrochemical and oilfield solutions company located in Houston, Texas has a mission to create chemistry for a sustainable future. Occupancy sensor-controlled lighting and Energy Star rated appliances allowed this project to achieve a connected lighting power reduction of 53%. Additional green building highlights include 100% occupant lighting controls and daylight and views to the outdoors.

Quanex Building Products Corporate Offices


Gold – LEED for Commercial Interiors v3 (2014)

Situated in Houston, Texas’ 1800 West Loop South (a LEED-EB certified Core and Shell), the open layout in Quanex Building Products’ 25,000­-square-foot corporate headquarters promotes a collaborative work environment. The new tenant space incorporates daylight and views combined with a comprehensive lighting system and user controls. New plumbing fixtures reduced water usage by more than 40% for the entire floor.




Gold – LEED for Commercial Interiors (2015)

Receiving LEED-Gold Commercial Interiors certification for its North American and Brazilian headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, Repsol built out 200,000 square feet of Class A offices. Employees enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining spaces and a lake-front dock area as well as a fitness center. The layout capitalizes on lake views for employees and glass fronted perimeter offices allow daylight to infiltrate the open-plan office area.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Tower


Gold - LEED for Commercial Interiors (2018)

GreeNexus Consulting partnered with J. Stone Construction to assist in the documentation of construction credits on this 378,568 square-foot project located in Houston, Texas. NOV has a company-wide model that minimizes waste generation and increases recycling in the building and operation of its facilities. This project well represented their commitment by diverting 95% of its construction waste through recycling and reuse programs.  In additional efforts to reduce environmental impacts, 96% of the wood used in this building was FSC certified, leading to exemplary performance in MRc7.

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