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Core and Shell

Jacob White Development


3 Platinum - LEED Core and Shell (2011)

Green roofs, interior grey water reuse, and rainwater collection contributed to the aggressive sustainability goals for three new office buildings in Houston, League City and Friendswood, Texas. A vital part of the effort included balancing water calculations to demonstrate an astonishing 65% overall reduction in comprehensive water consumption. In addition, optimized energy performance resulted in nearly 40% in energy cost savings. After completion, additional consulting efforts helped the owner gain public recognition of their achievements. Jacob White’s LEED Platinum facilities include:

  • Gulf Freeway offices, 45,000-square-foot, two-story office building

  • 253 Medical Center, 75,000-square-foot, three-story medical office building

  • Jacob White offices, 10,000-square-foot, single-story office building

Kingsland Medical Office Buildings


2 Gold - LEED Core and Shell

(2015 - 2018)


Outstanding water use measures and innovative wastewater solutions were the focus of these two medical office buildings located in Katy, Texas. A strong team commitment and careful design led to water efficient landscaping and grey water reuse for flushing toilets and urinals that allowed for over 43% total water reduction and over 100% potable water reduction for sewage conveyance in both projects. These projects also included green roofs and aggressive storm water retention measures.

Richmond Cummins Development

Silver - LEED Core and Shell (2017)

Located in Houston, Texas this 192,833 square foot mixed-use development recruited GreeNexus as LEED project administrator. A demolition along with asbestos remediation project, this project focused on responsible materials use and green power. Major sustainable traits include the utilization of over 81% FSC certified wood and a building recycled content of more than 25%.

Research Forest Lakeside, Buildings 4 and 5


Gold – LEED Core and Shell (2014-2015)

Both of these office buildings in The Woodlands, Texas were designed to enhance a connection to nature and offer views of Lake Woodlands. Significant efforts were made to prevent erosion to the lake and reduce water use. The two buildings capture facility condensate and stormwater for reuse in irrigation and an oversized storm system stores the water for reuse and allows particulates to settle out. Both buildings’ long facades are oriented south so the highest solar heat gain reaches only the shorter east and west ends of each building. Each façade utilizes different transparent and reflective low-e, high-performance and insulated glass depending on its orientation. GreeNexus provided consulting and Enhanced Commissioning assistance with the facilities targeting energy reduction, water reduction and access to local amenities.

  • Building 4 – 300,000-square-foot, 12-story office building for multiple tenants.

  • Building 5 – 200,000-square-foot, eight-story office building for a single tenant.

MMG Tower in Panama City, Panama


Gold - LEED Core and Shell Precertified 700,000-square-feet (2015)

Following the lead of Costa Del Este II, the MMG Tower in Panama City, Panama also relied on Amanda Tullos (GBS) for guidance as it became the second project in the city ever to pursue LEED certification. The massive 700,000-square-foot, 29-story building is the Morgan & Morgan Group’s headquarters and serves as the main pillar of MMG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. The building responds to Panama’s climate and includes green roof areas and vertical green walls. The tower also leverages the natural beauty of its surroundings and offers amazing views of the ocean and nearby coastal Mangrove wetlands.

Costa Del Este II (Torre V) in Panama City, Panama


Gold - LEED Core and Shell

470,000-square-feet (2015)

First project in Panama City to seek LEED certification

The landmark decision to target LEED certification for this 17-story, high-rise building in Panama City, Panama lowered the learning curve for other LEED projects and inspired the pursuit of sustainable facilities throughout the city. Amanda Tullos (GBS) provided LEED consulting services on the Gold certified 470,000-square-foot office building. The facility’s green building features include rainwater harvesting for use in irrigation and toilet flushing.

City Center 5


Silver - LEED Core and Shell (2016)

Nestled in an upscale shopping district in Houston, Texas, this 20 story, 183,900 square-foot mixed-use building demonstrated the owner’s commitment to sustainability and beauty in the thriving City Centre development.  Previously contaminated with asbestos, this building was completely redeveloped allowing for a tenant office space in a dense and walkable area. Additionally, this project reduced potable water consumption by more than 40% and diverted 88% of on-site construction waste from landfills.

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