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New Construction

Green Bank Headquarters


Gold - LEED for New Construction (2008)

Well-known for sustainability, Green Bank created its headquarters in Houston, Texas, as a reflection of the company’s commitment to integrating environmental, economical, and social responsibility. Green Bank is instituting policies that preserve resources and create less waste and they reward customers who employ similar practices. The project’s design offers daylight and views balanced with good acoustics--as the site faces a freeway. Additional green building strategies include purchase of 100% green power, over 30% water savings, zero use of potable water for irrigation, and more than 85% of construction waste was diverted or recycled. These features culminated in the project’s achievement of a LEED-Gold certification.

The Monarch School


3 Gold - LEED for New Construction (2010 - 2014)

First Texas project registered under the Living Building Challenge.

The highly innovative Monarch School in Houston, Texas, is one of the greenest schools in the nation. Providing therapeutic education for children with neurological differences, the school's three buildings combine environmentally responsive objectives with sensitive design that supports health for students, faculty, and its natural surroundings. Continually seeking advancement, The Monarch School built a Net-Zero Energy Studio Classroom under the built environment's most rigorous performance standard, the Living Building Challenge.

BBVA Compass - 5 Branch Banks


Gold - LEED for New Construction Retail (2010 - 2011)

BBVA Compass took a market leadership role in the construction of several new branch banks in Texas using a replicable design. The branches include solar panels, daylighting, and low-VOC interiors. The variable refrigerant volume system on some branches, along with efficient lighting and controls, helps to reduce energy demand. A carefully designed community area for customers creates a welcoming environment.


Tarrant County Northwest Subcourthouse


Gold - LEED for New Construction (2012)

Contributing to Texas’s position as one of the Top 10 states nationwide for LEED certifications in 2012, this 60,000 square-foot courthouse in Lake Worth incorporated an array of sustainable measures to serve the public in a fiscally responsible manner. The new building is expected to save an additional 23% over the ASHRAE baseline and will conserve water at 42% above code. Working with LBL Architects, Amanda Tullos (GBS) provided design assessment and LEED project management for the new three-story courthouse and office building.

Eastern Regional Park (Hometown Heroes Park Phase II)


Silver - LEED for New Construction (2013)

League City, Texas’ first LEED project, this 26,400-square-foot recreation center sports an aggressive program with two full gymnasiums, a multipurpose room, locker rooms, meeting and administration space, and support functions. Exterior amenities include a parking area, soccer fields, pool, and other site amenities in the surrounding park. Project partners brought Amanda Tullos and GBS on board to provide consulting and commissioning services to achieve LEED for New Construction Silver certification. The facility includes a variable-refrigerant-volume HVAC system and a rainwater harvesting system with a prominent above-ground tank that also serves an educational purpose. Erosion measures carefully preserve the coastal prairie atmosphere, and native plantings and bioswales treat stormwater runoff.



Gold - LEED for New Construction (2015)

This geoscience company in Houston, Texas promotes sustainability and responsible material sourcing. This 106,992 square-foot project utilized GreeNexus' experience as LEED project administrators to focus on providing an efficient and healthy working environment for its inhabitants.  In addition to the utilization of low emitting materials, inhabitant wellness is promoted by a gym, game room, and various other wellness options.  Other sustainable highlights include under floor air systems and task lighting that allows for occupants to control both thermal comfort and lighting.

Dress for Success


Certified - LEED for New Construction (2016)

This 16,676 square-foot non-profit located in Houston, Texas focuses on empowering and supporting women through employment seeking resources and networking opportunities. Dress for Success’ clothing donation and reuse program provides exceptional quality clothing for underprivileged women allowing them a sense of confidence and expectancy in their job search and interview processes. GreeNexus assisted in this project which led to an exemplary reduction in building water use by 49%. This project also focused on heat island effect reduction and sought to inform the public about sustainability and its importance through education programs.

Sea Star Base Galveston

Platinum – LEED for New Construction (2018)

Achieving LEED-NC v3 Platinum certification with its new Sea Star facility in Galveston, Texas, GreeNexus was retained to provide full-service LEED consulting on this high-profile project. The five-story, 57,000 gross-square-foot commercial facility includes overnight units, commercial kitchen, offices, and assembly spaces as well as a 50-boat slip marina, swimming pool and nature-based amenity spaces. The project is also pursuing the 2030 Challenge and features an extensive solar photovoltaic system that doubles as a covered awning for learning spaces, and harvests rainwater and condensate for storage in visible cisterns and used in irrigation.

Hotel at Rivery Park

LEED for New Construction

Located in Georgetown, Texas this 196,999 square-foot full service hotel and convention center seeks to be a leader their industry in both human comfort and sustainability. Seeking to promote good health in their guests and employees, only low VOC materials were used in the construction of this building. Green housekeeping and integrative pest management plans also help to limit toxic exposure in their guests. Other LEED highlights include 85% FSC certified wood and 21% energy cost savings.

Tarrant County Southeast Subcourthouse


Silver - LEED for New Construction (2009)

Premier courthouse in Texas to receive LEED certification.

Working as the team’s sustainable design expert, Amanda Tullos (GBS) provided design assessment to help this new 56,000 square-foot, three-story courthouse and office building in Arlington become the first LEED-certified courthouse in Texas. High-performance glass, insulated metal panels and roof system, and sunshades helped make the project 32% more efficient than required by the International Energy Conservation Code and 50% more efficient than similar buildings in the county’s portfolio. The project also conserves 42% more water than code requirements. Inspired by its success, this facility set the stage for Tarrant County’s continued pursuit of LEED certifications and positioned the County as a leader in both the public and private sectors.

Tarrant County Regional Water District


Gold - LEED for New Construction (2010)

A beautiful rainwater capture system helps the district reduce water consumption by 44% and serves as a functional demonstration of water savings in this new 26,000 square-foot office building and wellness center in Fort Worth, Texas.  Working with Steele Freeman, Inc. and the design team, Amanda Tullos (GBS) assisted with building performance measures and managed the LEED certification process. The project’s photovoltaic system broke new ground as it was the largest roof-mounted solar array in Texas at the time. The solar system contributed energy cost savings of more than $43,000 per year and conveys the connection between water and energy to the public, as the district requires energy to pump water to citizens throughout the county.

Tarrant County College District SE Science and Academic Building

Gold - LEED for New Construction (2012)

Working with SHW Architects and LBL Architects, Amanda Tullos (GBS) guided the sustainable design measures for Tarrant County’s new 120,000 square-foot academic building located on the college’s southeast campus in Arlington, Texas. Tarrant County College District serves over 50,000 students, and the new building offers classrooms, large lecture halls, science labs, offices and common space.  As part of the LEED award, the project realized a 52% reduction in water consumption; more than 20% energy cost reduction including 70% green power; and gained two credits for exemplary performance.

Tarrant County Jail


Gold - LEED for New Construction (2012)

First County Jail in Texas to achieve LEED Gold

This maximum security facility is located in the center of downtown Fort Worth, Texas next to the county courts. Despite its urban locale, the jail’s construction diverted more than 80% of waste from landfills. The 207,000 square-foot facility realized 40% in energy cost savings and improved ventilation that exceeds the required amount by 400%. Amazingly, the project finished construction review with no comments from the USGBC’s LEED reviewers.

Richardson Heights Gymnastic Center


Silver – LEED for New Construction (2013)

A public bond in Richardson Heights, Texas funded the new 16,000 square-foot, freestanding Richardson Gymnastics Center equipped for state-of-the-art video technology that contains cutting-edge tools for training techniques and equipment for complete training programs and gymnastic competitions. Carefully designed expansive windows bring natural light into the facility but eliminate glare for gymnasts’ safety.

St. Monica's Food Pantry


Certified - LEED for New Construction (2015)

This non-profit located in Houston, Texas serves the hungry by providing food assistance. Established in 1969, St. Monica's Food Pantry has a reputation for never turning away those in need.  When it came time for expansion, St. Monica’s enlisted GreeNexus to help them achieve LEED certification in their new building. Major project accomplishments include over 46% regional materials and 30% water use reduction.


Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)


Platinum - LEED for New Construction (2017)

The Houston Advanced Resource Center’s (HARC) research focus is sustainable development.  This organization seeks to assist in the production of processes that promote human health and ecosystem growth. This project was assisted by GreeNexus in the construction process. Sustainable focuses include over 31% regional materials and more than 23% building recycled content.  Additionally, more than 88% of construction waste was diverted from landfills. 

CVS - Springwoods Village


Silver - LEED for New Construction Retail (2018)


GreeNexus assisted this 14,600 square-foot retail space with construction documentation.  With a focus on habitat preservation, 50% of the site was restored its pre-development state. The building also achieved exemplary performance for utilizing more than 50% regional materials, allowing them to reduce the building's carbon footprint.  Other green highlights include 30% recycled content and 86% FSC certified wood.

Texas Christian University


LEED – 9 various certifications,

2 under construction

(2010 - Present)

GreeNexus assisted Linbeck with construction-related credits for multiple campus facilities in Fort Worth, Texas. GreeNexus is currently working multiple projects under construction.

  • Scharbauer Hall, LEED for New Construction Gold 

  • Jane Justin Soccer Field House, LEED for New Construction Silver

  • Mary J. Wright Admissions building, LEED for New Construction Gold

  • Athletic Weight Room Addition, LEED for Commercial Interiors Gold

  • Football Locker Room, LEED for Commercial Interiors Silver

  • Library Renovation and Expansion, LEED for New Construction Certified

  • Rees-Jones Hall, LEED for New Construction Certified

  • Bass Addition, LEED for New Construction Silver

  • Kelly Center Addition, LEED for New Construction Silver

Gulf States Vehicle Processing Center


Silver - LEED for New Construction

for Full Campus (2010)

In order to guide this industrial center campus to attain LEED certification, Amanda Tullos (GBS) gained an understanding of high-process loads and atypical working conditions, including incorporating natural ventilation in a hot, humid environment. The Vehicle Processing Center in Houston, Texas has a green-facility approach that includes six buildings: a four-building campus and two single facilities. The client rose to the challenge to create naturally ventilated vehicle work areas along with efficient office areas, and implemented successful operation strategies such as green housekeeping, integrated pest management, and the purchase of green power.


North Richland Hills Recreation Center


Certified - LEED for New Construction (2012)

Tarrant County's first LEED-certified recreation center.

This 85,000 square-foot recreation center takes a multi-use, multi-generational approach with health, wellness, and social opportunities and programming for the entire community. The North Richland, Texas facility includes indoor recreation and aquatics, a banquet hall, and a senior center--and won the Recreation Management's "Innovative Architecture" Award in 2013.


City of Arlington Fire Station No.9


Silver - LEED for New Construction (2012)

This new 11,000 square-foot fire station in Arlington, Texas was built next to an existing park and included full staff amenities and lodging. The project was designed and managed by the city with Steele and Freemen, Inc. serving as the construction manager at risk. Highlights of this facility include greater than 60% recycled and regional materials installed along with 100% certified wood, a green education program, and a wellness program for firefighters. Innovations were achieved for the open space and heat island reduction due to the installation of native plantings and no permanent irrigation system.

Sheldon Fire Station No. 3


Gold - LEED for New Construction (2014)

Home to volunteer fire fighters, this new fire station building in Sheldon, Texas achieved LEED-Gold certification. The project serves as an example to the community of a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious building through the integration of solar panels, light shelves, and other energy saving components.

GID Properties—Sovereign

Silver – LEED for New Construction (2016)


GreeNexus provided full-service LEED consulting and enhanced commissioning for a new 21-story, 290-unit apartment home in Houston, Texas. Amenities include entry lobby, a concierge, leasing offices, fitness center, library, business center, club room, demonstration kitchen, private dining area, game room, film room, and rest rooms. A fully landscaped roof terrace provides a pool, spa, barbecue pavilion, fireplaces, seating areas, lawn, and community gardens. A ground level pocket park will also be included.

Fort Bend Senior Center


Certified - LEED for New Construction (2017)

This joint project between Fort Bend County and the City of Houston boasts the title of the county’s first LEED certified building.  It has been deemed as a symbol of progress, growth, and concern for the city’s aging population. Seniors can find themselves enjoying the internet café, fitness center, continuing education classes, and can even receive some basic medical care. Additionally, public programs that teach the community about sustainability are held regularly.  LEED highlights include maximizing open space through the development of walking trails and outside recreation areas.


West University Baptist Church: Youth Ministry Building

Certified - LEED for New Construction (2018)

GreeNexus assisted Tracy Design Studio and Mission Constructors in the certification of this project located in West University Place, Texas. This 7,456 square-foot project was designed to serve the youth of West University Baptist Church and provide them with a safe place to gather. Boasting a 51% reduction in potable water use, the project also utilized recycled and regional materials as an asset in achieving their certification.

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