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We are pleased to announce the following project was also certified LEED Gold this month!

Research Forest Lakeside, Building 4 Gold – LEED Core and Shell This 300,000-square-foot, 12-story office building in The Woodlands, Texas was designed to enhance a connection to nature and offer views of Lake Woodlands. Significant efforts were made to prevent erosion to the lake and reduce water use. The building captures facility condensate and stormwater for reuse in irrigation. An oversized storm system stores the water for reuse and allows particulates to settle out. Its long facade are oriented south so the highest solar heat gain reaches only the short east and west ends of each building. Each façade utilizes different transparent and reflective low-e, high-performance and insulated glass depending on its orientation. GreeNexus is providing consulting and Enhanced Commissioning assistance, with the facilities targeting energy reduction, water reduction and access to local amenities.

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